As we all know, K-Pop continuously asserts its influence in nations across the globe.

This blog site is dedicated to all Korean Pop Fanatics. Moreover, it serves to publicize and channel different forms of Asian pop cultures. Videos which will be uploaded in this page will come from Youtube. All praise and applause goes not only to the ones appearing in these videos, but also to the owners of the videos and/ or to the makers who made these stars shine brighter. The administrator wants to express that these videos serve as public reference of the best embeddable video copies made possible by our dear Youtube uploaders.

The administrator also wants to tell everyone that all critic content featuring K-Pop artists are only based on the admin's perception. Viewer discretion is advised. Artisit bashing is discouraged in this page, since this is a tribute to all entertainers, and not just South Korean artists. Let your outrageous support be heard!

All for the love of Korean Pop. One short stop on this page makes a difference. Let the K-Pop fever spread faster and bring about new trends!